2020 Corporate Sponsors

Easy to Play

1. Pitch a 10X feature

Write fewer than 500 words about a specific usecase of a product you sell.

2. Record a Screencast

Using Loom create a 2 minute demo of a non-obvious, specific feature. Example below.

Difficult to Master

A curated panel of sales experts will vote on entries.

Aynul Habib
Tyler McDonald
Ted Kirk
Andrew Bumgarner
Laura Girasole
Simon Lorenz
Brandon Rouse
Jarrett Horne
Winnie Kaspar
Madelyn Schenk
Jordan Dufort
Brian Benfer

The Prize


Self-Care Grant

The top score will receive $3,500.


Overnight Network

Meet every future award winner and awesome panelists.



We'll announce the top 10 and help you stand out for your next move.


Career Assistance

When you need it, we're here for a mock interview on a Saturday.

There are 62 days left in Q4 to apply.

The winner will announced on January 07, 2021.