March 2, 2020

Introducing ZenQualify

The smartest way to change sales jobs

Competitive sales talent should be able to
  1. Quick pitch themselves with a 1 minute video.
  2. List problems and screencast solutions using Loom.
  3. Describe their career preferences (e.g. I’m not tied to this city, open to remote).
  4. Get matched with *every* potential SaaS employer. 

A Sales Hiring Manager should be able to
  1. Browse qualified submissions reviewed by a SaaS expert with two thumbs.
  2. List minimum requirements for each role they are hiring for (e.g. 1 year of big-co experience)
  3. Message and request interviews from matches.

This would be even better if
  1. There were cash incentives for the candidate based on seniority. 
  2. The bonuses came from fixed placement fees that were 50%+ off alternatives
  3. Hiring partners were reviewed as strictly as the Apple Appstore reviewed apps. Potentially invite only. 
  4. Only C-level SaaS people were angel investors. 
  5. The brand boxed itself into SaaS. 
  6. It was a good story. 

What would happen over time
  1. We would find leading indicators for sales talent (understanding of duality, subjectivity) vs. lagging (e.g. quota attainment). 
  2. People would interview with 25 companies instead of 5. 
  3. People would work at companies they had never heard of.